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Hmm, where to start, there appears to be a lot to learn. BUT that was to be expected. Let us learn by making a knowledge tree. The reasons to make a website are numerous, but every web site can be broken down to simple components that anyone can learn.

First, lets understand what a website is. From wikipedia: "A Website is a collection of related network web resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server."

This web page will be focusing on how to build a webpage.

Web pages are simply magic..except they aren't, every part of a web page has been specified by its creator (or left to the mercy of a binary machine). So where do we start?

To create our web page we need two things: An Editor and a Browser. Let me explain the big picture while also explaining how the Editor and Browser work. You have an idea for a web page, to translate your idea to the computer you need to learn to learn a computer language. Once you learn to code a computer language it is essential to use a modern editor. Modern Editors give you a place to write your code and also check to make sure that you are using the computers language in a way that a computer will understand. However, it will not check to see if the computer understands your idea. For example, if I said, "Josh believed that broccoli" it would make sense from a syntax point of view because I followed the rules of the English Langue. But it would not make sense to someone who A big part of coding is being able to make sure your idea gets across the computer your Browser can read your code.

Editors are programs that help you create a webpage. They are super helpful because they give a place to write the code that creates the web page. They also make sur

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